Start a New Six-Figure Business From Home With SOAR LMSi

Start a NEW Business in 2019 with NO CASH OUT OF POCKET that could earn SIX figures this year – by partnering with SOAR LMSi


Making New Year Resolution plans to get closer to financial freedom and security – and be released once and for all from “the man"? 

Becoming a SOAR LMSi affiliate could make this happen since we are offering a 33% commission on all your referrals! 


Affiliate referral program soar lmsi financial freedom


Here is an excerpt from our FREE COURSE for new affiliates that join us to spread the good news about SOAR:


Welcome to the Affiliate Success Plan!

Our goal for this course is simple:

IN ONE WEEK – We want to help you get several (as many as possible) of your contacts/followers to learn about us – – so you can begin to experience financial freedom and security!!

We just need your help getting the word out and getting them to sign up for more info – that’s it!

From there, we can take over the heavy lifting and educate them until they become a client – and you will then earn commissions from their client fees ***for life***!  (the life of the client)

Let’s start with a little background:

My name is Sam and I work with SOAR LMSi. We built SOAR LMSi as a tool to be used to help people like you achieve financial freedom and security.

soar affiliate referral program lms lmsi

The SOAR LMSi Affiliate Program is one of the primary ways that this can happen.

For each person, business, or ministry that you refer to SOAR LMSi, we will pay you 33% of all top-line revenue from that referral for as long as that referral remains a SOAR LMSi client.

Here are a few examples:

A Corporate Client

A corporate account client pays SOAR $300/month for literally thousands of dollars a month in saved time, employee costs, and the platform helps generate thousands more in increased productivity and revenue.  Really a no-brainer for small to medium-sized businesses. (Not to mention, this is $100-$300 less than competing platforms that don’t have our intelligent built-in features like CRM and Micro Learning to any device including mobile!)

If you refer a business to us and they are intrigued enough to join our email list, your job is

From there, we will educate about how SOAR can benefit them with blogs,  offer free trials, and do all we can to help them understand their tremendous upside for signing up with SOAR.

Then, once they become a client, for as long as they are a SOAR customer, you will be paid either $99/month from SOAR or $1,068/year (Corporate clients often choose to pay a year at a time for a 10% discount, in which case you would get your full 33% of their platform fee payment when SOAR is paid).

If just one corporate client you refer to SOAR becomes a SOAR client – and they remain a SOAR client for 10 years (SOAR is like a utility – don’t want to live without it once you got it) then you will earn over $10,000 from that one client for simply sending out emails introducing us to your contacts.

But here’s where things can get really big.

If just one corporate client that you refer ended up signing with SOAR each week, for 52 weeks, then in just one year you would have established for yourself a $60,000+ per year, residual recurring income stream, that could potentially outlast your lifespan!!

This is huge!

It would take more than $2,000,000 cash saved in the bank making 2.5% interest to achieve the same residual income monthly! 

Which is easier?  Helping us by getting the word out to several businesses or churches each week so one will sign up each week this year, or making enough to save $2,000,000 (after taxes) in the next 12 months?  

In any event, by referring a business to SOAR you will earn over $1,000/year from each business you refer that signs with SOAR.

Okay, I think you get the picture. Here is one more example:

An Ultimate (Individual) Account

SOAR LMSi also offers accounts for individuals who want to:

– create and sell online courses, or

– publish and sell books interactively, or

– provide online coaching or discipleship, or

– just become a recruiter (affiliate partner) with SOAR and do the same thing we are encouraging you to do.

These accounts are $33/month and earn a 7% transaction fee from the sales of their courses or book sales, or donations raised and processed by the platform.

As you can see, we have the same incentive as our clients to help them successfully distribute their content for a profit – or to help them receive donations.

And we stay up late nights and work long hours to continue to devise methods and solutions to help our clients be successful.  The more they make, the more we make – and the more you make.  We are always rooting for them and for you.

If you refer one individual account you will get $10.89 per month from that referral (33% of $33/mo), plus 33% of the 7% transaction fee for any courses or book that referral sells, or any donations they collect.


Now let’s say that person loads a book they wrote onto the platform and distributes their book the SOAR way (instead of giving Amazon 40% or paying huge publishing, storage, handling, shipping and postage costs to distribute hardcover books).

They may still use AMAZON and other means to distribute their book (and pay 40%+ other costs when they do) – but they will HOPE and PRAY potential customers will find them on the SOAR LMSi platform and buy from them there first (and keep 90% of the revenue!!)!

Let’s say they sell their book for $20 each and over the life of their book they sell 100,000 of them on the SOAR LMSi platform.  Their total book sales would be $2million and 33% of 7% (transaction fee) would be $46,200 to you (for one client with one book).

TIP:  You have a platform now.  Write a book and sell it and keep the $2million (less 7% transaction fees and 3% credit card processing fees) when you sell 100,000 copies.

Or, if you don’t have any book ideas but know someone that does, have them load their book on your platform and sell it for them and charge them a fee for loading it for them – 5-10% of sales – for example.

Our goal is that we provide you with multiple ways that you can become financially free – and stay that way!


Now let’s say that person creates a course and sells it online for $200.

Each month they sell 30 courses. That would give them $6,000 in sales a month. SOAR charges a 7% transaction fee on that $6,000 making SOAR $420. You, as the affiliate for that account, would get 33% of that, which comes out to $1,663/year – for one client with one course that sells for $200, 30 times a month.

This is in addition to the $10.89 you are getting from their $33/mo platform fee each month.

Let us help you get MANY of your friends, contacts, and followers on a SOAR platform without any risk (a free trial with no credit card required to give it a test run!!)

We are going to give away 33% of our top line revenue no matter what to the people that help us – and don’t want to give any of it to Google or Facebook.  So why not do this together?

What do I need to do to refer a client and encourage them to OPT IN with SOAR?

In order to refer a client to the SOAR LMSi platform and start making money you need to:

1- Create an account on SOAR LMSi

2 – Fill out the affiliate form (this is so we can handle 1099’s and taxes appropriately and assign you an affiliate number – a tracking cookie that never expires so you get credit for your efforts). You will receive this cookie to track your contacts activity on the web digitally so we can ensure you get credit for your efforts even if they sign up weeks or months from now. You will also receive pre-made email templates to send that simply encourage your contacts to OPT IN with SOAR in order to receive more information.

3 – Then, simply ensure your contacts, and followers know about SOAR by sending out the emails or social posts with your tracking code (cookie).

As you can see – – – You don’t need to sell them anything.

All you need to do is let people know about SOAR LMSi  – and while you are at it – let them know what you think about us too!!  (give us a positive reference if you honestly can)

From there, we will take over, educate them about the platform and show them how they could benefit from using SOAR LMSi.

Then, once they sign up, you will be credited with the referral and we can start paying you monthly – for a long time!

There is nothing more to it than that.


We want to pay you!

millennial affiliate soar lms lmsi financial freedom

I want to address one more point here. You may be thinking: “This almost seems a little too good to be true. These guys are going to pay me over $1,000 a year by simply sending out a few emails to businesses – and potentially hundreds a year (or thousands in some cases) for sending emails out to friends, contacts, and followers?”

Yup! That is exactly how it works. And here is why it works:

For us to be successful, we need people to know about us. And there are two main ways we can do that:

  1.  We can pay for traditional advertising on websites like Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn – and then keep all the profits when they come in like most companies.
  2. Or, we can pay people like you to let the people that you know – know about SOAR LMSi.

It wasn’t a hard decision for us.  We are a kingdom building company (God’s kingdom) and we know His people need resources, and He wants them to have them – so that was a pretty easy decision for us to make.

Either we are paying someone like you money to let people know about SOAR or we are paying Facebook or Google, and ultimately, we know that we will end up liking you better as we get to know you – if we don’t already!  🙂

How will SOAR LMSi know that I was the one to refer someone?

This is a great question and it comes back to filling out your affiliate form. Once you do, you will be assigned an affiliate number. We will create for you a special link (with a cookie that never expires) that you will want to use whenever you send someone an email about SOAR or post about it on social media.

When someone clicks on your link, we will know how they found their way to a SOAR web page, blog, or landing page.  We will keep track of that information forever (so even if they don’t sign up right away, you will still get credit when they do sign up) and display that information for you in an "affiliate report" on your dashboard.

As you can see, we WANT you to get credit for your work and we WANT to pay you – so we are tracking and reporting their activity back to you so you can see and confirm we’ve got your back.  Then we know that you can be enthusiastic and confident in the work necessary to get paid.

That’s all there is to it.  You simply need to make sure that you use your link when you are letting people know about SOAR – and this training course will help you do that.

Do I have to pay anything?

Every SOAR affiliate has a SOAR account that costs $33/month to provide marketing tools, online tracking tools, and commission payment processing.

We give everyone their first 30 days free and we set the goal of helping you acquire enough SOAR clients (it only takes one Corporate or three Ultimate accounts) to more than cover the cost of your platform by the time your first payment is due, or shortly thereafter (they all get 30 day trials too) so that you are making more than $33/mo immediately.

This way, we can prove to you that you can be successful in partnering with SOAR. If you get one corporate account in the next 30 days, the $99/month or $1,068/year you will be making will more than cover the $33/month cost for the platform and your new business venture will already be in the black (profitable – in month 1).

If you invite 3 friends to the platform and they begin recruiting their contacts and followers – their platform fee cover yours – that’s it – just 3.  Then everyone after that is PURE PROFIT in your new business venture.  So we know you can do this and it’s worth the effort.

If you…

  • don’t end up getting enough referrals to cover your SOAR account costs, and
  • you decide not to create and sell a course for income, or
  • you decide not to write and publish a book for income, or
  • you decide not to just recruit other recruiters for SOAR for income (ie. just recruit more recruiters that want this same opportunity),

…then you can simply walk away at the end of 30 days.

We don’t collect your credit card until after the free trial is over so you don’t need to worry about being charged.

Let’s get started!

Start your free trial and become a SOAR Affiliate today!

Affiliate referral program soar lmsi financial freedom