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Micro-Learning with Content Push Want more people to engage and complete your courses?
  • No re-login required to access your content, and your content remains secure.
  • Your SOAR platform remembers the last lesson each student completes daily.
  • Then, SOAR serves up the next lesson (or page if its an ebook) to all devices by email.
  • You set the content push schedule; daily, every other day, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • From a mobile device, students easily re-engage your content with a tap of their thumb.
By pushing content frequently, in smaller digestible portions, course engagement and completion rates skyrocket to over 90%!!
"The Micro-Learning feature is so powerful! All students receive immediate access to the next session with a tap of a thumb on a mobile device. They don’t need to worry about remembering passwords and it saves them time from having to log in and navigate to the class. All of this leads to unprecedented engagement and completion rates in online learning." – Sam Bretzmann (Founder, Fikisha)

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Want to track new leads, target communications and stay organized like a pro?
  • New leads and email grabs (list building) are automatically uploaded into your SOAR CRM.
  • Separate people into groups for targeted communication.
  • If selling content, separate people by prospect, student, alumni, or supporter for example.
  • If training employees, separate people by job title, job description, or department.
  • If training clients, separate people by company.
  • Set tasks and keep notes within each file as you develop your relationships.
Your SOAR CRM then serves up your daily commitments so nothing falls through the cracks.

Private Chat Do you need to coach, disciple, or speak in confidence with students, employees, or clients?
  • Your new SOAR platform includes two way private chat within any course.
  • All communication is stored within each student, employee, or client file.
  • Respond immediately or according to your schedule.
Thinking of self publishing? Who wouldn’t want to private chat with the author?
"Due to SOAR’s private live chat and daily micro learning features, we have developed tremendous relationships in our teaching and discipleship ministry." – Eric Andersen (Founder, Millennium Seminary)

Community Forums Want to build community and consensus around YOUR ideas?
  • Your new SOAR platform includes a separate community forum with each course (or book).
  • Praise, exhort, recognize and promote others publicly in YOUR community forums.
  • Encourage students, clients, employees to publish their agreement and praise of your ideas for others to see.
Encourage peer to peer learning, and client to client promotion in YOUR community.

Custom Surveys – Marketing Want to know what employees really think? Or, want to naturally gather student praises of your content and re-publish to the world?
  • Use custom surveys to measure buy-in of new policies or procedures at the company.
  • Use custom surveys to collect praises of your book or course – then republish in marketing materials.
  • Much more than star ratings, custom surveys can be designed to naturally gather just about any response you are looking for.
"Hands down, we know that testimonials are our greatest asset to share with potential students. Having built-in, customizable surveys throughout our course allows us to get insight and feedback of actual opinions. Using these in our marketing efforts is priceless – can’t pay for that!" – Alyssa Magnusson (Founder, All Things Non-Profit)

Real-Time Custom Reports Want to know when people read a page in your book, complete a lesson, answer a survey, or take a test?

  • You have eyes in the sky with your new SOAR platform real time reports.
  • From any device customize the data reports you want to see, and how you want to see them.
  • Monitor daily training times, total training times, percent of course completion, opinions, test scores and more.
  • SOAR will even send you notification emails when important data is created so you can analyze and interact immediately!
"As a trainer for 20+ years, I’m thrilled to finally have custom reports that show me who is training, when, for how long, and on what topics — from my cell phone in real time!! Now I can see everything!" – Mark Archambault (Founder, DSG Academy)

Payment Processing Gateway Want to receive payments or donations 24 hours a day, even while you sleep?

  • Your new SOAR platform includes streamlined self registration and a convenient payment processing gateway.
  • Easily collect donations from supporters – one time or recurring monthly commitments.
  • Your intelligent SOAR dashboard displays monthly income from course sales, and total all-time sales or donations.
"SOAR LMSi is opening up doors for us and our ministry and giving us the ability to quickly create and distribute BEAUTIFUL content and timely encouragement (almost as fast as we can think of it) in a highly-organized and methodical manner. The SOAR Team is fantastic to work with! Thank you SOAR!" – Nathanael & Janelle Villalba (Founders, A Better Way Ministries)
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