Our LMS makes it easy to deliver corporate training.

Your own SOAR LMSi platform could change everything.

SOAR is a Learning Management System (LMS) and the 'i' stands for 'intelligence.'

All you need is the world's FIRST intelligent LMS that includes:

  • Micro-Learning with Push Content
  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
  • Private Chat
  • Community Forums
  • Custom Surveys - Marketing
  • Real Time Custom Reports
  • Payment Processing Gateway

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Customize your school
Create a course in minutes
Upload your content
Interact with your students
Get paid to share knowledge*
*Applicable if selling content on your platform

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SOAR LMSi can help you train, coach, or manage.

Need to train and manage employees? Let the SOAR platform do the repetitive work.  Deliver documents, videos, and PowerPoints to any device (including mobile) on-demand and take back all of your time.  Interactive features like testing, private chat, community forums, and reporting help you efficiently develop and manage your team.

Start Training Like a Pro

Want to educate and coach more clients? Build stronger relationships and be everywhere you want to be with your privately-branded intelligent SOAR platform. Inspire, motivate, and educate with your new fully-interactive solution.  Eliminate costly travel expenses by bringing everyone into your virtual world.

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Want to earn income from your expertise? Monetize your content and distribute without borders online, and anytime.  Look amazing with your privately branded SOAR intelligent learning management system that processes payments 24 / 7, even while you sleep.

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These Features are Built Right In!

Free Course Creation Guide

We've assembled the industry's definitive resource of best practices for creating killer content that student's love.

Download Course Creation Guide

Free Course Marketing Guide

A powerful step-by-step marketing resource for leveraging free advertising strategies including: email list-building and marketing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, SEO, and blogs to successfully launch your course for profit.

Learning -- the way it should be.

When training and coaching are done well, engagement and ratings are virtually 100%!
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  • 90%+ completion rate

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