Ignite Consulting Partners has selected SOARlms.com

Ignite Consulting Partners has selected SOARlms.com as their new platform to deliver legal compliance training to their automotive clients. Their firm provides premium legal compliance consulting and training for automotive dealers, finance companies and buy-here pay-here (BHPH) operators across the US. They also provide collaborative workshops along with personally tailored auditing solutions and training certifications to hundreds of dealerships and lenders.

“We’ve chosen the SOARlms.com platform due to its intuitive features for creating and delivering content," says Steve Levine Chief Legal and Compliance Officer at Ignite Consulting Partners. "Its ability to help us test, grade, coach, consult and issue certifications remotely has been extremely helpful. It has allowed us to greatly enhance our existing live, face-to-face approach across our dealer network.” 

"They also have a great understanding of automotive lending and legal compliance due to their online College of Automotive Management,” says Richard Hudson, Managing Partner for Ignite Consulting Partners. “This knowledge really helps contribute to our development of products and delivery methods in granular ways. The unique combination of these added benefits allows us to provide even more solutions and support for our clients.”

An effective solution for client servicing, training and certification

The SOARlms.com learning platform is ideal for companies or individuals in all industries who serve clients remotely. It allows for remote account servicing, training and even supports online certifications due to its testing and reporting capabilities. Content hosted on a private-labeled and branded SOAR platform can be accessed by clients online, on demand. It is compatible with any device and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, 24/7. It’s an ideal solution for companies that desire to make their resources easily accessible to clients securely on the web. It also helps these businesses maintain a personal touch with their clients more efficiently.

“Ignite Consulting Partners is a leader in legal compliance training for auto dealers and loan originators,” says Eric Andersen, President of SOARlmsi.com and the College of Automotive Management. “They provide one of the most personal, customized, and comprehensive solutions to this market we’ve ever seen. The new government regulations aimed at dealers and lenders can be tough to navigate. The work that Ignite Consulting Partners does for their clients is critical in this business environment. We’re proud to say that they can now distribute their knowledge and expertise without barriers to their dealer and lender network. Knowing that they now have the capabilities to test and confirm compliance understanding and agreement digitally is an honor. We’re looking forward to this relationship and all of the growth opportunities it presents."

More About Ignite Consulting Partners

Ignite Consulting Partners, based in Fort Worth, Texas, is an expert team of seasoned compliance professionals that serve clients nationwide. They advise finance companies, car dealers and other lenders on compliance, best practices, process improvements and how to leverage technology to drive efficiency and performance.  

A Compliant Management System

A strong compliance management system can greatly reduce your exposure to liabilities and costly litigation.  With their strong background in technology, they can help you build something that works for the size and scope of your organization. They can also conduct trend analysis and audits to ensure customer satisfaction is highlighted.

Compliance Policies

This is more than a policy manual of aspirations to provide a regulator. It’s a comprehensive strategy to follow the law and create a culture of compliance. Ignite Consulting Partners will help you build one and guide your employees through implementation. They will then conduct follow-up audits to make sure it’s followed.

Compliance Training

They provide practical instruction on the subjects that breed risk and answer your team’s most challenging questions. Their training is interactive and confronts the status quo head on.  They’ll make sure the regulations you need to know about are explained in detail.

Vendor Management

Businesses are responsible for the actions of their vendors and will be held accountable.  Ignite Consulting Partners aggressively represent their clients’ interests from the point of initial due diligence, so the right vendor is selected, to contract negotiation, so issues are identified and responsibility rests where it should.  They perform follow up audits so you have confidence your vendor is meeting expectations.

For more information, visit https://www.igniteconsultingpartners.com/

More About SOARlms.com

SOAR LMSi is a SaaS (Software as a Service) technology platform that offers customized private label branding for each client.  It delivers daily, on-demand, and unlimited education and skill development sessions worldwide in a secure environment.  The technology includes testing, grading, and private chat channels for personal one-on-one coaching as desired.  The platform is user-friendly and is becoming popular as a superior solution for corporate and vocational training. It is also an ideal account servicing solution for companies with multiple teams to develop, or companies with nationwide footprints.

Get more information here: https://www.soarlms.com/5-reasons-why-your-business-should-use-an-lmsi/