Surprising LMS Applications in Business for Growth and Operations

5 Surprising LMS Applications for Business Growth and Operations

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Here’s How An Intelligent Learning Management System (LMSi) Can Benefit Your Company

We want to help businesses be more successful and so we created a tool that can do that. An LMSi. I’ll get into what an LMSi is in a second, but here’s something you should know.

The creators of SOAR LMSi come from successful teaching businesses, but we were continually frustrated by how certain programs and software worked. We had to piece together different solutions by taking a little from this product and a little from that product. It wasn’t integrated, clean or fluid and so we set out to create a solution to that and SOAR LMSi is what we came up with.

So, what is an LMSi?

It stands for Learning Management System Intelligence.

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a tool that allows you to host educational classes and training programs online.

We realized that with some added technology a completely new product and vertical in the marketplace could be created that would significantly impact businesses and ministries of all sizes.

SOAR LMSI Learning management system intelligence for Business

The core features of SOAR LMSi are:

  • CRM Learning Intelligence
  • Private Communication Intelligence
  • Community Opinion Intelligence
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Micro Learning Intelligence
  • Real Time Briefing Intelligence
  • Content Creation Intelligence

You can read more about what an LMSi is here or click on any of the links above to learn more about an individual feature.

How can an Intelligent LMS help my business?

Let me start by asking a few questions:

  • Would you be interested in knowing what your employees are thinking about you and your company, continually?


  • Would you be interested in knowing first-hand what your customers think about your business and products?


  • Would you like to put your thoughts, ideas, and knowledge in front of them daily?

I’m going to assume that your answer to all of these questions is yes and here’s why:

A successful business must be able to learn, adapt, grow, and adjust by creating informed decisions.

And the key here is “informed”.

A business who makes significant decisions based on gut feelings and guesses will eventually guess wrong.

Every decision and change you make (or don’t make) should have solid reasoning and information behind it.

The tricky part is getting reliable information to base those decisions.

And that is where we come in.

SOAR LMSintelligence impacts business with learning management features

SOAR LMSi is the tool you need to gather and give the information that is critical to the success of your business.

SOAR LMSi comes with seven (7!) intelligent features that allow you to know the minds, hearts, and motives of your employees and customers while ensuring they know yours.

With a built-in CRM, private live chat, group discussion boards, the ability to survey your staff and/or customers, and ability teach and train others and achieve 90%+ engagement and completion rates, you are able to gather and give invaluable information and train your staff and customers all in one platform.


SOAR LMSi learning management system business ministry benefits

Let’s go over a couple of examples of how this can play out:

1. Greatly Improve Your Employee Review Process

Your the head of HR at your company and your employee review process is always a hassle and isn’t very effective. It only happens once a year, it usually gets put off until the last minute, and you typically get generic cookie cutter answers.

With SOAR, you can flip the whole employee review process on its head.

Instead of having one big survey every year that can be overwhelming to fill out for employees and time-consuming to review as a busy boss or HR head, you can set up a class one time and add all of your employees to it. They will get periodic messages and questions from you asking about how things are going, any issues that they are having, and any other information that is valuable to you. The employees can then fill out the quick surveys and you can run a report to gauge the temperature of your workplace.

By breaking this out into bite-size content throughout the year, not only is it easier to answer for employees, making it more likely they respond, but it also allows you to get more up-to-date information and tackle any minor problems before they become big problems. A lot can happen in a year, why not check-in more frequently and be on top of the game.

And, as I mentioned earlier, you only need to set this up once and it will automatically run as often as you like.

This can all be done using SOAR’s Micro Learning Intelligence and CRM Learning Intelligence.

2. New Employee Orientation

Whenever a new employee joins your company they have to get acclimated to the culture, the ins-and-outs of the company, and specific tasks for their role. Often times, a lot of this information will be the same for each employee meaning that whoever is orienting them is spending a lot of time covering the same information with new employee after new employee.

A much better way is simply to create one course that covers all of the core information that every employee will need to know. Once this course is created, every new employee can go through it and you will be saving hours of time with each new employee you hire. And, because everyone is going through the same course, you can be sure that no one is missing any important information that can sometimes slip through the cracks when you have multiple people orienting employees over time.

If any new policies or procedures are created, you can simply hop into the course and add in a new lesson whenever it is appropriate.

By creating a course in SOAR you are also able to:

  • Set up quizzes so that you can track if they are absorbing the information.
  • Monitor their progress so you can see if they are keeping up with where you need them.
  • Use private one-on-one chat if they have any specific questions for you.
  • Deliver your course directly to their inbox using SOAR’s Micro Learning feature

All of this can be done using SOAR so that your new employee orientation can be streamlined, saving you time, while improving your orientation process and experience.

3. Continued Employee Training

Whenever your company has a new product, service, policy or procedure you need to train all of your employees on that new initiative. This can be a hassle to schedule and it pulls everyone out of the tasks that they are working on. Or, if you have people in multiple physical locations, it can be near impossible to get everyone together at the same time, meaning either you have to do the same training multiple times or you have to have multiple teachers do separate trainings which could lead to critical information being presented in different and misleading ways.

All of this can be avoided by creating a continuing education course for your employees.

Everyone is signed up and when you create a new lesson it can be pushed out to your employees automatically. This allows you to:

  • Avoid confusion by presenting one consistent message to everyone.
  • Improve your workplace morale by giving your employees the flexibility to complete the training at a time that works well for them.
  • Guarantee understanding by having everyone complete a quick quiz or assignment on the topic

You can develop a better run, educated company by using the SOAR LMSi platform to train and educate your employees.

4. Create A Unified Workforce

Maintaining a consistent vision and mission is critical to a well functioning organization. Using SOAR LMSi the leadership at your company can inspire, remind, and encourage their employees by sending out daily, weekly, or monthly thoughts and encouragements as well as develop employee buy-in around concepts or ideas.

By utilizing a SOAR LMSi course you can send out daily, weekly, or monthly updates to your staff reminding them of the mission and vision, encouraging them, and updating them on any new happenings in the company.

You also have access to group discussion boards which can be used to get group feedback on ideas and projects and to rally your employees around new initiatives. You can create and drive the culture and social change that you want to see in your organization and increase interaction between your employees.

5. Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Real customer and client testimonials are some of the most powerful words and marketing tools that you can have. Using SOAR LMSi, you can create custom surveys that go out to your customers.




  • You can get real responses, not just a star rating and then you can use those responses and results to help drive new business.
  • You can also use group discussion boards to drive comments and testimonials from customers, even creating a little community of people who love your products and services.
  • You can also use the results from surveys and quizzes to show the effectiveness of your business.

All of this can be used to inspire and encourage new clients that are interested in your company.

the world's 1st LMSi first learning management system intelligence

Closing Thoughts

We are really grateful that you took the time to learn about SOAR LMSi. It is one of our goals to help businesses grow and thrive and above are just a few of the ways that you can utilize SOAR LMSi to run a more effective and impactful business. Click here to begin your 30-day free trial (no credit card required). 

One of the beautiful things about SOAR LMSi is that it is a tool that can be used in many ways. You can use SOAR LMSi in the ways described above, but there are many, many other ways in which SOAR can be used to begin and nurture relationships, whether that is employees, customers, clients, or fans.

Here’s to the heart of business – growing and nurturing relationships! Start free trial for SOAR LMSi business hr

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