What is the “i” in LMSi?

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You may have heard of an LMS before. It stands for “learning management system” and it is a software program used to host educational content online. Traditionally, LMSs have been used by individuals and companies to sell online classes to their customers.

We used to do that as well. We would use a different LMS provider to host our classes and we kept running into issues.  Once we had enough, we decided to build our own solution.

That is what led us to create SOAR LMSi.

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The “i” stands for “intelligence.”

We created a new kind of LMS. One that gives you more flexibility and creativity in how you can use an LMS (hint – it’s not just for selling classes online).

At its core, it is all about building truer, more real, closer relationships with those that you want to be working with. Whether that is your employees, your customers, your donors, or your mentees. An LMSi is designed to create and foster closer relationships that will lead to growth in your business, in your ministry or non-profit, and in your client base.

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • How would you like insight into what your employees, clients, or community members really think of you, your product, and your service?
  • How would you like your employees, clients, or community to know the good things on your mind for them – at all times?

If having and giving this information would help your business, ministry, or project, then you should read on.

Using SOAR LMSi, you can do all of the normal things you would do with an LMS, like selling an online class to your amazing followers, but you can also use it to:

  • build and deepen relationships with those you care about with targeting messaging
  • connect with individuals one-on-one using private chat
  • organize your clients in groups
  • learn from your community with constant feedback
  • develop ultimate marketing content – testimonials and references
  • deliver your content directly to your user’s inboxes – on mobile devices, anytime, you decide
  • train your employees with consistency, at times convenient for them, with testing, and opinion feedback
  • grow and improve your business

Anyone who works one-on-one with clients (financial advisors, coaches, personal trainers, counselors to name a few) should absolutely be using an LMSi.

As the leader of this new category, SOAR LMSi allows you to automate information delivery to and from your target audiences.

A personal trainer could set up a 30-day workout for their client and have it email them with everything they need automatically, daily, weekly, or monthly and receive feedback on results, all stored by client file.

A coach can use the private chat to encourage his players or mentees as well as the group discussion boards to develop community and consensus.

A financial advisor can create a course on “Personal Finance Basics” and have it sent to their client’s inboxes and then allow them to ask a question in the private chat or in the community boards.

An LMSi can take your business to the next level.

the world's 1st LMSi first learning management system intelligence

So, what is the “i” in SOAR LMSi?


i = CRM Learning Intelligence

A built-in, easy to use CRM (customer relationship manager) organizes your community by job title, department, company, prospects, students, alumni, and supporters. Then your intelligent CRM organizes and lists all daily contact commitments (prioritized daily to-do list) so you can keep your promises to your community, and develop stronger relationships with targeted communications.

i = Private Communication Intelligence

One-on-one, private, real-time, (or delayed – you choose) two-way chat allows you to coach, mentor, or disciple. Personal interaction develops confidence and trust resulting in close, long-term relationships with clients, employees, students, and community members. All dialogue is saved in each student, employee, and/or client file for future reference on demand.

i = Community Opinion Intelligence

Group discussion boards around course topics help establish culture and consensus. Encourage peer-to-peer learning and support by leveraging opinions of early adopters of your ideas and content.  Build communities of like-minded people around your passion.

i = Marketing Intelligence

Positive comments, surveys, positive results, and testimonials are all captured, organized, and then easily redeployed in marketing materials including blogs, landing pages, email templates, and social media posts. Organically perpetuate growth and success, and increase your reach and influence with the marketing intelligence gathered by the platform. Use our FREE marketing pdf to distribute that marketing intelligence via FREE online venues (email marketing, SEO, blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.)

i = Micro Learning Intelligence

Send your ideas, training, gratitude, encouragement, and praise to any mobile device on demand daily, weekly, monthly (you decide frequency) to your community groups without requiring anyone to “log in” or “download documents or apps”.

i = Real Time Briefing Intelligence

Create your message once, then totally control delivery and access forever, whenever, to whomever. Take back your valuable time and eliminate redundant tasks. Measure learning retention, new skill development, and consensus with interactive assignments, graded tests (including written essay tests), and fully customizable surveys (to gather opinions and motives, not just star ratings). Custom reports provide intelligent insight into all daily learning activity, engagement, and opinion.

i = Content Creation Intelligence

Continually improve the quality of your communications and content with FREE content creation PDFs, DIY blogs, and an online knowledge base. Or, engage with your own personal content creation consultant, take a 30-day step-by-step course, and collaborate with other content creation experts on your schedule.

the world's 1st LMSi first learning management system intelligence

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