McGavock Auto Group Selects SOARLMSi to Host Ongoing Employee Training and Development is proud to have been selected by the McGavock Auto Group to host ongoing training for their valued staff. SOARLMSi platforms offer web-based learning, coaching, communication and reporting technologies for companies in need of remote or virtual solutions. The award-winning McGavock Auto Group has six dealerships throughout the vast state of Texas. The long distances between their locations made it difficult to maintain cohesiveness with training, onboarding, communication and company culture. Private-labeled SOAR platforms provided an ideal solution for bringing all of these components together.

McGavock Auto Group Frog Logo Fully Reliant on God

The McGavock Auto Group was founded by Steve McGavock in 1976 when he opened his first dealership in Plainview, TX. He determined to build his business on family values and Biblical principles, treating customers like close friends and family. In fact, the McGavock’s frog logo is representative of an acronym: Fully Reliant On God. Today, Steve’s son Brent McGavock continues to carry these values on across their six locations.

Up until 2020, the McGavock Auto Group had four Nissan stores in Amarillo, Lubbock, Abilene and San Marcos. They also boasted the only Infiniti dealership between Dallas and Albuquerque, located in Lubbock, TX. All of their training, onboarding and companywide communication had to be done by leadership teams in each of their stores. In late 2020, they acquired their sixth and largest location, a Nissan Dealership in Rockwall, TX. They decided to centralize their BDC department for all stores to that location. This meant hiring new employees and who needed training, and finding a solution for training and communication across all stores.

A Virtual Training and Communication Solution That Brings Remote Locations Together

Brent McGavock needed an efficient way to streamline company training procedures without taking time away from his management team. He had three primary objectives: Provide new employee training for his BDC department, invest in career development for his existing customer-facing employees, and distribute his own internal content efficiently across all six locations. He selected the College of Automotive Management (CAM), the nation’s top-rated automotive vocational school, to curate training for his staff. Then he chose the same web-based platform used by the college,, to deliver all content to his employees.

“Having six stores across Texas, I can’t touch them all the way I want to. So being able to create a video or other content and put it on our platform for our employees has been very beneficial,” says Brent McGavock. “It’s allowed us to disseminate important information and companywide procedures across our stores quickly and easily. We can also maintain a consistent focus on our culture of family values very effectively through this platform. All of these benefits have been incredibly valuable.”

Brent liked the many features of the SOARLMSi platform. It allowed him to host and deliver training content, coach his employees and verify their understanding through automated testing online.

“SOARLMSi platforms are built with efficiency in mind,” says Kathy Diane, Director of Client Relations for SOARLMS. “Our clients can easily build great content with the platform’s user-friendly creator tools.  It has built-in testing and grading capabilities, can issue certificates, collect feedback surveys, and compile reports in seconds. By building something once and using it over and over, employers can automate anything they would otherwise have to repeat. It’s perfect for companies that need to communicate, train and certify clients or employees remotely. It’s also a great mitigation tool against liability as the platform keeps a digital record of all employee engagement. Test results and willingness to comply statements made by employees regarding HR and compliance issues are all stored securely. All of this is easily automated, which redeems the time of managers and other support staff. Compliance officers, HR department leaders and managers all love this tool.”

The combination of CAM’s training and the dealerships’ internal content delivered on platforms proved to be ideal for the McGavock stores. The SOAR team provided private-labeled platforms for each location to keep analytics, messaging and reporting separated by rooftop. They also loaded each platform with CAM’s top-rated training content. This made it simple for managers to develop and verify new skills with all of their customer-facing employees. It also provided a way for the company to streamline and reduce the high cost of recruitment, onboarding, and development. By digitizing these procedures, they created highly effective profit-boosting processes without taking up the managers’ valuable time.

World-Class Content on an Intelligent Platform platforms allow users to access content any time, from any smart device from anywhere in the world,” says Eric Andersen, President of the College of Automotive Management and SOARLMSi. "It comes with an intelligent CRM and also provides fantastic communication avenues for public and private interaction. For example, the private chat feature allows managers to communicate with employees one-on-one. By contrast, community discussion boards can be built for different training groups or departments within a company. Those are ideal places for employees to share positive experiences, thoughts and ideas. SOARLMSi platforms also allow platform administrators to receive notifications of select student responses as desired so they can provide immediate feedback. This feature allows platform administrators to engage in effective coaching with clients or employees as appropriate. Overall, it’s an ideal technology solution for businesses that need to service accounts remotely or provide distance learning options.”

Other SOARLMSi platform features include student file uploads (video, PDF, Image, Document), task reminders, and microlearning login reminders for users. Student video uploads allow platform admins to confirm sales and presentation skill development remotely through recorded video role plays. Microlearning takes follow-up off the plates of managers by remembering where each user left off in their training. It then pushes a link to the next available content right to the user’s cell phone. They don’t even have to log in – just click the link and continue training! And for busy managers who need some assistance, the task reminder is a highly useful feature. Admins can set reminders with notes of things to do and schedule those notes to be emailed to them. It’s almost like having a personal assistant. All of these intelligent features boost efficiency while lowering costs.

SOARLMSi platforms are excellent solutions for businesses like the McGavock Auto Group that need to provide remote training, are continuously on-boarding new employees and need to improve efficiency.

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