6 Reasons Your LMS Should Have An Intelligent CRM

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Hi! We hope you are having an amazing day today and we are so thankful you are here. In this article we are going to look at 6 reasons why you are missing out if your LMS doesn’t have an intelligent CRM. We hope this is helpful!

Straight up, if you have been using a learning management system that doesn’t have a CRM (customer relationship manager) integrated into the platform and sharing the same user information, you are:

  1. Wasting time having to do duplicate entries for students and customers
  2. Unable to leverage the information from each platform together

Therefore, you have been missing out on potential impact and profits.


All accounts on SOAR LMSi include an intelligent CRM.

Having a CRM operating on your SOAR account allows you to organize your community by:

  • job title,
  • department,
  • company,
  • prospects,
  • students,
  • alumni, 
  • supporters

Then your intelligent CRM organizes and lists all daily contact commitments (all the phone calls and emails you need to do) creating a prioritized to-do list so you can keep your promises to your community and develop stronger relationships with targeted communications.

Whatever you are doing with your LMS, an LMSi with an intelligent CRM helps you to do it better (and faster).

Here are 6 ways that SOAR LMSi’s CRM can help your business:

1 – You can use the CRM to connect with potential students or donors and track how often you are contacting them so that you don’t overwhelm them and so that they don’t slip through the cracks.

2 – You can use the CRM to encourage students who are currently in your class and offer tips so that they can excel and have an amazing experience.

3 – You can use the CRM to reach out to alumni of your course to ask for referrals or to let them know about a new class that you are offering.

4 – You can use the CRM to manage employees in your department and help them to continually be training and learning, which will improve how your company runs and how good you look as their manager.

5 – Your CRM will create a to-do list for you so that you know who you should be contacting each day.

6 – An integrated CRM gives deeper insight into the impact on those you’re teaching. The SOAR LMSi platform is unlike any other lms combining activity/engagement reports, surveys, feedback, and interactive assignments.

Every SOAR LMSi account comes with the CRM.

There are no up-charges or fancy plans. Everyone gets it because we believe it is an integral feature that cannot be kept from people who are serious about making a significant impact or profit from their efforts.

Test it out for free for 30 days. No obligation, no credit card needed. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Or, if you would like a little more information, sign up for our email course that will walk you through everything you can do with SOAR!