Let us pay you each month – forever!

Every SOAR LMSi client can join our FREE affiliate program and build recurring revenue by letting others know how to SOAR!

33% – Huge Affiliate Payout!!

  • Pays as long as your referrals are a SOAR LMSi client.
  • We’ll deposit money monthly right into your Pay Pal Account.
  • A single email could earn you $1000’s.
  • No Time Limit Cookies! – Cookies to track your referrals never expire!
  • We provide email funnels
  • Use our email funnels to drive your audience to the SOAR LMSi website.
  • We provide your easy access affiliate code
  • We track your affiliate code activity on every SOAR LMSi page, including blog pages
  • We will ensure you always look GREAT!

"I am very thankful for the affiliate opportunity that allows us to refer others to the platform and in exchange, our friends get a great platform and affiliate opportunity, and we have the ability to earn additional income that brings us closer to the things we’ve set in our hearts to do. Win! Win! Thank you SOAR!" – Janelle Villalba (Founder, A Better Way Ministries)


We know you are picky about who you refer your friends and followers to. SOAR LMSi provides the most powerful platform, with the most features, for the lowest cost in the industry. We also provide TONS of FREE training and support resources to all SOAR LMSi clients. Your friends and followers will thank YOU!

The best affiliates have two things in common:

  1. They have a following (email list or social media following)
  2. They have experience using, and loving SOAR LMSi to create and market their own courses

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Can SOAR LMSi change my commission percentage? Others can and will, but we WON’T! Here is where SOAR LMSi is different from the rest: All other affiliate programs have fine print that says something to the effect of "the percentage of commission may change at any time and without notice." That is because nearly all LMS companies are being built for sale – to become a golden parachute for the owners. They will need to unhinge themselves at some time from 3rd party liabilities (a.k.a. affiliate payments). When it happens, affiliates lose all of their future commissions, and payment for their hard work. SOAR LMSi is not being built for a sale, and therefore doesn’t need the fine print. We will pay what we promise FOREVER, as long the customer pays. If we ever come out with a new affiliate program, it will be on a "go forward" basis for all new clients. We will always honor the hard work and effort of our affiliates, and meet the expectations we create for that work. And yes – we put it in writing. Is there a time limit on my affiliate cookie code? Others have limits, but we DON’T! To limit affiliate payouts, other programs put time limits (like 90 days) on their affiliate cookie codes so that if an affiliate refers a friend or follower to their site, but that friend or follower doesn’t sign up in 90 days, then no commission is due (because the tracking mechanism to protect the affiliate has expired). SOAR LMSi offers a NO TIME LIMIT affiliate cookie code – showing our true desire to ensure our affiliates are always compensated for their efforts to help promote us. True partners! Are there any conditions for being an affiliate other than being a SOAR LMSi client? Nope! That’s it! How often will I get paid? Monthly, every month your referrals pay! Monthly residual commissions will be paid directly into your PayPal account. Do I earn 33% on the monthly hosting and maintenance fee or the transaction fees, or both? Both! That way everyone, including SOAR, has the same incentive to help new clients sell more courses! We all win, when we win together!