Building Culture with Group Chat in an Intelligent LMS

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Group Chat in an Intelligent LMS: Build Your Tribe with Community Opinion Intelligence

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Aristotle 

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We’ve all heard this before and we see its effect everyday throughout our lives.

The team that plays together will go further than a bunch of individual players only looking out for themselves.

The car will get you to a store much quicker than a single tire will.

The employees in a business that work and communicate well together will be more productive than each individual employee working by themselves.

This naturally leads us to the question: “How do we get our employees to work well together?”

The answer: We need to create a great culture where employees are heard, communicate well together, and can help each other learn.

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This is why SOAR LMSi includes our Community Opinion Intelligence within every SOAR account. Group discussion boards are automatically created around each course that you create and can be used to:

  • encourage peer-to-peer learning
  • establish culture around the values that are important to you
  • get early buy-in on new ideas and content

Encourage Peer-to-Peer Learning

When your employees, students, or volunteers are taking classes and training the group discussion boards can be used as a place for people to ask questions that others in the class can hop in and answer. This takes some administrative burden off of the class facilitator and it empowers your students and employees as they are contributing back to the community.

Establish Culture Around Values That Are Important To You

Every company, ministry, or course has a mission, vision, and certain standards that define them. By using group discussion boards, as a leader, you can help to drive conversation around these topics and highlight key employees and students who have demonstrated the values that are important to you.

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Get Early Buy-In On New Ideas And Content

Every business and ministry goes through changes and most people naturally tend to be resistant towards change. This can lead to rocky transitions. To successfully navigate through change it is important to get early buy-in from key individuals. Your SOAR group discussion board can be a great place to launch that initial positivity push that will help to carry your whole team through the transition. 

SOAR LMSi’s Community Opinion Intelligence is a powerful tool that can build communities of like-minded people around you and your companies passions and values. Get it (and all of SOAR LMSi’s Intelligence features) included on any platform! Try it free, no credit card required. 

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