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More Time Ministering, Less Time Fundraising


Praying for more time to serve those you love?
Let’s take a peek at how SOAR LMSi can be used to maximize ministry.

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We think that every ministry can benefit from using SOAR LMSi… Take James for example.

James has an evangelistic outreach ministry and a beautiful passion to lead others to Christ. Over the years he has ministered to hundreds of people and seen God work in the lives of those he’s ministered to.

However, to keep his ministry going, he ends up spending 50% of his time writing letters or making phone calls to potential donors in hopes they’ll fund his ongoing ministry efforts. This isn’t all bad since even fundraising can be a ministry, but here’s what James is thinking (and maybe you have too):

“Wouldn’t it be nice if I could cut down the amount of time I spend acquiring new donors and communicating with partners, without limiting the impact and relationship I have with them? That would sure free up me/my team to invest more time directly with those individuals we hope to reach.”

I’ve got good news: we’ve got a way to help make this happen!

More time ministry fundraising work smarter soar lmsi misistries

Using SOAR LMSi to free up your time: Donor Communication

James would start by investing the time to set up a privately branded, SOAR LMSi platform with his unique content.

This content can be written, video, or audio and can include words of encouragement, intercessory prayers, donor updates, inspirational stories, a new believers study guide, or a discipleship program (to name a few ways that James or you could use SOAR).


Using SOAR LMSi to free up your time: Teach the Masses

Don’t only use SOAR to keep your donors up-to-date, also use it to create classes for those whom you wish to impact. Easily upload content (that you likely already have) to share it electronically. Still retain a personal touch with private chat, classroom group discussions, and even a video response.

For example, James could have one “class” for donors where they get updated on his ministry and a second class for new believers that walk them through the basics of Christianity.

Once that content is created, it can be scheduled to be dropped into a mobile device daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly using our micro learning feature. As soon as someone signs up, they will automatically begin getting that content, without any additional work from you.

Using SOAR LMSi to Go to the Next Level

Once donors or students are enrolled, James can go above and beyond by including response assignments or surveys to include them in the work. Ask questions and get feedback periodically regarding how they are growing in the LORD or what they are most excited about within the ministry. He can personally respond to all of them as appropriate with words of encouragement, praise, and support using the private chat feature of your SOAR platform.

Using SOAR LMSi to Share the Fruit

Finally, you can set up your platform to auto-forward praise reports and comments of thankfulness for your consistent and persistent ministry efforts to potential donors. Share positive feedback, impact reports, and powerful stories to anyone on your list, including your entire student body, active students, and alumni. There is nothing more exciting than seeing the fruit of your labor, and sharing often will inspire those in your network to support financially as they see the constant fruit you are producing.

The End Result

With a little focused effort and attention upfront, you can establish a platform processing donations from hundreds you’ve ministered to that will only grow year over year – allowing you to continue your passion, and use nearly 100% of your time for ministry instead of half on fundraising.

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